Electrical or Box Cutter Safety Knife




This tool was developed after numerous requests from Electricians for a non conductive tool that would be safer for cable stripping than existing knives. It turns out that this ceramic tool may also provide a safer cutting tool for boxes & other utility uses. The primary blade is blunted to prevent accidental stabbing injury. The primary ceramic cutting edge is chisel shaped (right hand use) and the edge is at a 60 degree angle where most steel utility edges are a conventional V shape with angles of 20 to 25 degrees.   The edge is just as sharp at a microscopic level BUT due to the thickness of the blade and large angle this blade starts to develop a lot of DRAG when cutting deeper than 1/16 to 1/8” depth.   Cuts through cardboard easily and breaks through the insulation layer of larger cables while not continuing inwards to actually cut individual wires. The second edge existing on this ceramic blade is on the top of the blade and while only ¼” long in terms of cutting edge, it is at an acute angle to the back of the blade behind it and has a 45 degree chisel edge.   THIS tool can strip cable insulation lengthwise and also rip through a variety of packaging material.