"Designs of Folding Ceramic Knives started in 2005 and have been improved and the product line expanded to meet customer’s feedback and advice.
Producing affordable ceramic folding knives and tools to meet real life demands has been financially challenging at times but very rewarding when I see my feedback."
Large Carbon Fiber & Ceramic
Carbon Fiber Folding Knife

This knife is not completely anti-magnetic or non-conductive due to the presence of a stainless steel liner under one of the solid carbon fiber handle scales and stainless steel screws, pivot & pocket clip. But it’s low weight and ease … Continued

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EOD Ceramic Scissors
Ceramic Bladed Scissors

I contracted to have some small reinforced plastic scissors with CERAMIC blade inserts at the request some industrial customers. The pivot is 304 Stainless with reduced magnetic signature. Overall length is 5 “ or 125mm and blades are 2 ¼” … Continued

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Riggers with Marlin Spike Open
Riggers with Marlin Spike

It has taken over a year to finalize the design and production of a marlin spike addition to my earlier Rigger’s knife.   Shape and size of the spike was quite easy but obtaining a strong and reliable pivot for the … Continued

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EOD Knife 3" ceramic blade
EOD Knife

Military and Police Units worldwide employ this tool. Completely non-magnetic and non-conductive. One customer even hung his inside an MRI machine and turned it on with no effect at all.   Razor sharp black ceramic knife blade with a stiletto point … Continued

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Ceramic Pocket Knife Design

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I would appreciate feedback (comments) concerning the designs I have created for these ceramic pocket knives. Obviously a niche market but I feel that the ceramic blades are particularly suited for small ceramic... READ MORE

Ceramic Folding Knife

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Black Ceramic Pocket Knife Blade or White Blade? OK, there some increased hardness in a black ceramic knife blade but in reality the white blade is already so hard that this increase makes... READ MORE

Explosive Ordinance Disposal

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Ceramic knives and cutting blades have proven very useful within the EOD Community and a large percentage of my sales are to meet Military and Police requirements. Ceramic blades also have some very... READ MORE

Engraving of Blades

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Engraving with a laser has been done for some special orders but setup and extra work requires a minimum of 25 knives. Contact me if this service would be useful to your business.... READ MORE