About Us

picWhile I was aware of ceramic blades it just never seemed important and when I decided to try them out I was taken aback by the prices charged and the limited selection of small folding knives that I thought would be useful.

While my initial intent was to hold down prices as much as possible some customers keep asking for higher quality and materials which make some of my knives now pushing into the collectable range and not just working tools.

Since starting out in 2005 with a couple of folding knives I have, with the advice an suggestions from my customers been constantly improving the knives offered.  I have become involved with not only ceramic folding knives but producing non-magnetic and non-conductive ceramic cutting tools for military and police use. EOD tools!

In the past three years I have been introducing new ceramic tools for marine, electrical and manufacturing applications. This is called paying attention to your customers!

As you can see from my picture I have had time to accumulate experience and hopefully you can profit from what I have learned about value & utility.

We do extend re-seller pricing to companies servicing the Military or Industrial markets.
Please e-mail us with some details on your company.


Phil Cressman CD MA Capt(R)
265 Shakespeare Dr.
Waterloo, Ontario
Canada N2L 2T8 

Email: info@ceramicknife.org