The feedback below is from individuals. I have also either sold directly or through Re-Sellers to Military and Police Units throughout the U.SA., to Canadian Military, Australian, UK and Israeli Police /Military, and into Germany, Norway and Sweden.

You will not see negative feedback as I try really hard to take care of any customer’s concerns.

Yes a fraction of  1% of  sales are returned as unsuitable. Obviously EOD Operators or other Military and Police users seldom provide feedback that I can publish here. Commercial users are also reluctant to even tell me what problems they resolve by   using my ceramic tools.

I do not keep putting up testimonials all the time but whenever any new product comes out I try to post a variety of unsolicited comments from customers.  Suggestions for improvements to any of my designs or for new designs are welcome BUT keep in mind that it is very expensive for me to come out with a new design.  A ceramic mould for a new blade alone costs $1,500 and then there are minimum runs of between 1,000 and 5000 of blades is required depending on the size and shape of blade.

Dear Phil,

I love my new Carbon Fiber Ceramic Folding Knife.  It retains an razor sharp edge far better than even s30V steel.  It is much more durable than I had imagined, it looks awesome and with the carbon fiber scales, it is the lightest pocket folder I have ever used for EDC.  Furthermore, it has been a pleasure doing business with a true gentleman such as yourself.  I look forward to buying more of your products in the future and I wish you much continued success.

Ron Migdal
Bear Mountain Ski Patrol.


I received my Carbon Fibre folder yesterday and the quality is second to none. I showed the knife to a few friends who were impressed as well. Look forward to some more orders from them. Thanks for the fast shipping and super easy transaction.
I was interested in the Riggers knife as well, but wanted to know if it has a pocket clip available?


After receiving the new Carbon Fiber model I compared it to my Boker Trinity
ceramic.  Your new Carbon Fiber model is superior in its feel, balance, and
overall design.  The quality of the blade is excellent with very aggressive
in hand stability.  This is now the knife I keep on my side due to its
extreme versatility.


FairPrices: Yes
Feedback: Just received my second installment of knives from Phil.  This time around I picked up the new Carbon fiber model and a few others.  Excellent knives, have replaced my Boker with the carbon fiber version and use it every day.  Keep up the good work and look forward to more innovations.


FirstName: Paul
LastName: Bacina
comments: Carbon Fibre Ceramic folding Knife.

Received both knives today.  Thanks.  A very fine product.  I am giving one to a friend for Christmas and will be making a special presentation wood box. Nice website with a lot of good advice.  I will probably be buying more knives from you.

Feedback: Carbon Fibre Ceramic folding Knife
Fit and Finish: Flawless.
Ordered: Shipped from Canada to Florida.  Amazing.

Phil, I am much more impressed with this knife than even I thought I would be.  The fit and finish is stunning.  The carbon fiber handle is beautiful and the blade is a deep glossy black and very sharp.  I can’t get over the weight, or lack thereof !  You weren’t kidding when you said 2 ounces.  The blade has just the right amount of tension and absolutely no wobble where it mounts to the frame. Look forward to more orders from me !

I received the knife on Saturday, it’s looks great and it is very sharp.
I am glad that I waited for the new improved one. (Small Pocket Knife)


I received the knife today and I have to say I am impressed. I am a knife collector and have quite a few knives, including the same knife by Boker. Yours is just as good, and for the price you can’t beat it.  I will be ordering more of your knives.    
John (Small Pocket)

Hello Phil,

My ceramic knife arrived Friday and it’s even nicer than I expected.  I’m very happy with it.
As soon as I can show my two brothers I’ll bet they will both want one and will be sending an order.
Thanks again,

Jim Greene 

Got the riggers today that was mailed on the 19th.
Thanks so much – a very nice tool and I’ll be recommending it to my crew and friends.


Hello Phil,
the knives arrived today and they’re perfect.  Tomorrow morning, I just might try shaving with one.

Larry Lowenthal


Also I have a pretty good story about one of your knives.  We had an issue with a broken halyard, and had a sail stuck on lock.  Sent the bow guy up the rig with one of your knives.   He cut the lock strop like it was butter….  He was amazed at the efficiency.
We have 2 of your EOD knives on board every time we go sailing for safety.

Henderson Yachting  

FairPrices: Yes
Feedback: Phil, I ordered one of the hunters back in August, and I’ve been thrilled with it, I hope you’ve received some additional business as I love showing it off…  To date it has never failed to slice a sheet of copier paper held in two hands the full eleven inches, (or about nine inches before the sheet folds upand to date it has never failed to slice a sheet of copier paper held in one hand the full eleven inches in a single stroke. Or about nine inches before the sheet folds up if I’m holding the paper in one hand. I’ve used the knife regularly opening boxes and such on my job. It cuts cable ties, plastic strapping and the plastic clamshell packaging like butter.  I love this knife…
Again thank you for the great product,

Hi Phil-
I just placed another order, this time for (2) of the black hunter’s knives.  These are for 2 Volvo Ocean Race bowmen, one is South African and the other a New Zealander.   The thing they like about this model is the belt clip, just wondering if it can be incorporated later with the riggers blade.  I’ll be flying out on the 22nd to meet them in St. Tropez, hopefully I can have them by then.
Thanks again,


FairPrices: Yes
Feedback: At first I thought your prices were high, but i had never had one of your knives in my hand. I was forced to get one to see what was so great and wonderful.  Well after receiving mine. I now have that answer  why.  It is Razor Sharp, Very Light ,sits well in your hand and just a very nice .     Cavalry,82nd Airborne Div  

Ray  Flynn

Hi Phil,
Thank you.
I purchased one of your FU-I knifes last year. I was particularly interested in using a ceramic knife for skinning large game (mostly deer, some moose, elk) The challenge I have with a steel knifes is that they dull part way through the job, and stopping to sharpen the knife is often problematic because I’m usually losing light on a short autumn afternoon, and it’s getting colder (and my damp, tired hands start to cramp). My answer has been to use multiple knifes (usually 3 – a Buck skinner, Wilkinson “RCMP” knife, and a Knifes of Alaska hunter’s ulu), and then sharpen them all after I’m done. Other people use utility knifes with snap off blades, but I find having a curved edge is advantageous in places. After preparing the ceramic knife by (very patiently) hand stropping a convex edge with 15 micron silicon carbide paper, it was ready for use. After a few cuts through hide, it wasn’t “ridiculously” sharp (same happens with steel), but after that, the edge didn’t noticeably deteriorate (a steel knife gets harder to use about 1/3 of the way through the job, and three knifes are dull enough to be harder to use by the end of the job). On a deer hunt last fall for interest’s sake, I didn’t sharpen it between animals, and after two it felt like it could keep going – incredible. That’s me on the left in the picture, with my favourite steel folding knife resting comfortably in my pocket.

The folks I hunt with (who’s knifes I sharpen) were also impressed – so when they see the new hunter’s knife, you’ll probably get some more traffic on your web site (and then I’ll spend less time in the evenings sharpening their knifes (and my own)). I plan to use the EOD knife for slicing vegetables, cubing meat, etc. – not it’s primary intention, I know – but I like the look of the shape, and I’m guessing it’s light and nicely balanced.



FirstName: Jay
LastName: Gilliland
comments: Sir I got Hunter’s Black Bladed Ceramic Knife
about a month ago. The best knife I have ever owned. I us it out in the water on my jetski.

FirstName: Jeff
LastName: Jones II
comments: Sir, I am in the USMC and I am an EOD Technician currently deployed overseas to Afghanistan.  My unit purchased three knives from you and I am really happy with the sharpnes and versatility of your product, we purchase the riggers knife.  My knife has three chips in the blade, I was wondering if you sell replaceblades for that model knife?  I would love the knife just a little bit more if it had a pocke clip on it.  Once again, thanks for making a great product, I use mine daily. 

Dear Phil,

Hunter’s knife arrived yesterday and I just wanted to let you know how
pleased I am with it. I’m particularly impressed with all the thought that
went into the design.  It’s not only light and really cool looking, it’s
incredibly functional.  The handle feels great in the hand, the balance is
right where it should be, and the liner lock (nifty design which you ought
to mention in your advertising) creates a really great stance for the index
finger.  The blade, of course, is the reason for buying the knife (nice
arrowhead logo).  I lubricated it up a bit and I get a really smooth action
with the thumb stud and a snap of the wrist.  A really sweet little tool!!

Richard Day


The 3000grit Norton Norax belts came in this morning and I decided to give ceramic sharpening a try.  Prior to sharpening, I took my Riggers ceramic knife out and sliced up a medium sized cardboard box into many pieces and whittled on some oak limbs that were in my yard.  Since the blade was still cutting pretty well on cardboard I decided to cut up a Dr. Pepper aluminum soda can, so I did making about 8-9 cuts down the side of the can.  Now I know this probably voided the warranty but I really felt like I wanted to dull the blade and to try it out.  I must say in truth, this knife is much tougher than I thought that it might be.  After all the above, I had one small nick near the base of the edge and it still cut cardboard, though with increased effort.  No other damage to the blade.

I was able to resharpen the blade at near the same angle that it was when I got it from you in 8-10 passes across the 3000 grit belt on my medium speed belt grinder on both sides.  In doing this I was able to both remove all but the tiniest bit of the nick and put a decent edge on the blade.  The 3000 grit belt polished the edge as well.  After this initial sharpening, I buffed the edge with jewelers rouge on a hard felt wheel to see if I could discern any difference in cutting ability.  None was noticed.  It will now slice up plain old copy paper with ease.

Thought I’d give you a report on my sharpening efforts and the knife.  I was able to sharpen to a very decent and working edge and this particular Riggers knife is indeed tough.  I don’t recommend anyone go to the lengths that I did however.

Thanks for a great knife.



Dear Phil,

Your Ceramic Pocket Knife just arrived. From the pictures on your website, I expected sculptural art. But I am stunned by the elegant precision of this folding knife, which seems to mold itself to my hand. Strong, sharp and wonderfully lightweight, it appears ideally suited for 90% of daily cutting tasks. And while admiring its look and feel, I can also share kinship with distant ancestors, whose flint-edged tools are recalled by your design on the blade. Thanks to you, I can now experience the sharpest blades ever devised. 

It is an extra pleasure to be dealing with a fellow Canadian.

My Best Regards,
William Thomas

Boy that’s is great.  It’s a wonderful knife and cuts like a breeze. 
What a difference between this and using a steel blade.



First I have heard of this problem.  The screw SHOULD HAVE had some lock
tight applied – but difficult when each is individually assembled & tightness varies with each knife.

I do not have “spare parts” as I have all the knives assembled undercontract.

HOWEVER,  I will ship out a complete replacement knife.

Check the tightness from time to time is the only suggestion I could make.



I just received your package and the knives ROCK!! Thanks very much.  I will use and abuse them during this deployment and let you know how they fare.  If you need anything please let me know.
THanks again

Manuel Vega

Hey, I decided to get a few more and a sharpening card. I had a couple of friends who wanted one. Thanks! 


Hi Phil, 
The knives have been great. Your site says that you sourced this knife. Are there any more like the E.O.D. or is that all they offer?



By sourcing, I meant that I had these manufactured to my design.   Blades made by one company & assembly by a second, engraving by a third etc etc. 

Since I have to have a MINIMUM order of 1,500 blades at a time this limits my ability to keep paying for inventory.  This really is a part time business that will help me with retirement whenever that occurs! 


Knife just arrived. 
Good thing wife is talented surgeon – only need 4 stiches!!

Just kidding! 

An absolutely stunning piece! 
The blade is sharp beyong my imagination.


Feel free to write me in 6 months so you can ask me how it’s holding up. 
For what it’s worth I’m a freelance videographer specializing in fornsic video and underwater videography.  I’m also a SCUBA instructor with a reputation for having THE COOL gadgets!



I got one of your knives for Christmas!  Its fantastic – truly unique and a great addition to my collection.  Question: What’s the sandpaper for?

Albert Gloer

Hello,  My name is stephen wilson i spoke to you last week when i
ordered my riggers nice from you. Well i got it today and all i can
say is wow, this thing is great and super sharp.

Well since i am very happy with it, i decided to place another order.
so you have another order to ship out soon to me.

To be honest i actually thought the rigger had a clip on it but i
guess i was wrong and that was only with the utility knife, so i made
sure i ordered a little of everything.  I think you have another long
time customer,  thanks for all your help and a great product.

thanks again
Stephen Wilson

Received the knife today.  Looks and cuts great.  Thanks for the great service and product.


Thanks Jesse

Sharp, try not to cut yourself!

Note:  Child proof snap on blade cover – many find it useful to remove one or
even both of the small raised  “retaining bumps” on the handle where
the sheath snaps on to make it easier to open 1



Hi Phil,
I just received your package … I’m amazed at the efficiency of our combined postal services … I thought that a week would be optimistic!

I’m also quite impressed with your knives. The thickness on this blade is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I’m surprised that you can keep them in stock at under $50 a piece. They must be flying under the radar of the market. I’m quite pleased that I got two of them, though, as I would be seriously thinking twice about one for a source of project parts if it were the only one I had! 


Hi Phil, the knife has arrived today. Overall it’s very beautifull, especially the handle is made very nice with the accent on the design. However I have one note concerning the blade: I would prefer convex bevel along the edge rather than straight one (to get thinner drop-point). What do you think about that? 

Best regards,
Peter (Slovakia)

Police Dept – EOD knives


Thankyou Sir…knives received and already in use. Thanks again.  


I Forgot to mention that the opening (removal of blade guard) is
CHILDPROOF – ie; very stiff.

Easy to make this more easily opened by cutting off one or both of the
small retaining projections on the side of the handle where it “clips
into” the blade protector.


Phil, got the tools today.  These knives are beautiful, my teammates are goning to be thrilled.  

Thanks again.
Military Unit

Received my knife today.  I am not dissappointed.  Quality:  Outstanding.  Very well constructed, nice design.  Price:  For the quality of the piece, very nice!  Durability:  I’ll let you know.  Recommendations:  could use a pocket clip, even on this small one.

Don Tucker
Hi Phil, 
Got the knife, very nice work thank you very much.
I’d just like to say that the size is just what I like and the only thing that would make it better for me woould be to reduce the weight overall.



I recieved your knife in the mail today.  I am a pocketknife kinda guy and have a number of favorites that I rotate.  I have to tell you, as far as first impressions go, I am in love with this ceramic knife.  The size is perfect, not too big….not too small.  The weight is excellent for pocket carry and the handle fits in my hand like a glove!

But the most exciting thing for me is this blade!  I think I could shave with this thing!  I have never owned a ceramic blade before, so I am going to put it through its paces to get a feel for how practical it will be.

First impression, this is an excellent value.  



My knife arrived last night, way in time for my vacation next week. What a great little gentleman’s pocket knife! I showed it to a co-worker this morning, and he’ll be ordering one soon.

Thank you so much,

John Cooley

Customer bought two of every style!

Thanks Phil.  Really great knives!!  Great workmanship. 🙂

I look forward to receiving your knife. I’m a combat medic and I saw another medic using one of your knives to help extract a casualty. The ease with which he cut the nylon straps helped us get the man out and treat him much faster. He told me he’d been using the knife he bought from you for over a year and hasn’t had to sharpen even once yet. I’m sure this knife will help me perform my duties better. Thank you.

SGT Markham C Jennings
HHT 5-73 Cavalry, 82nd Airborne Div
FOB Loyalty, Iraq

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