Special Applications

I will be updating this page as I obtain what I feel are interesting special application details from customers.

Antarctic Fishery

I supplied a number of ceramic scalpels to a research team dissecting fish in the Antarctic. They required a tool that would not potentially contaminate samples with metallic ions.

Fine Art

I supplied scalpel blades to the New York Metropolitan Museum of Fine arts for use in restoring old works of art. Apparently steel blades could contaminate the media.

Kangaroo Hides

I have sold quite a few of my ceramic retractable cutters into Australia where apparently these provide the best narrow strips of kangaroo hide used to make whips and other crafts.

Fire Starters

There are a number of different survival fire starter tools out there that rely on scraping magnesium shavings onto tinder then striking a “fire rod” with hardened steel edge.   It turns out that the ceramic being much harder than steel, it produces far more sparking with much less force than any steel striker.   The E&E tool in particular fills this requirement and makes fire starting much easier.

Sea Kayaks

Apparently there are occasional problems with kayaks becoming entangled in nets or fishing line. Not only are some of these lines extremely difficult to cut with a steel blade, but since this is a rare occurrence many sea kayaks do not keep a stainless steel knife on board due to corrosion issues.   The EOD knife is completely free of any metal and a number of kayaker’s have permanently attached one of these knives to their craft along with a coiled lanyard to prevent loss.