Ceramic knives are a modern innovation. The hardness, strength and corrosion resistance of Zirconia (ZrO2) Ceramic, provides significant advantages compared to traditional stainless steel knives: the ultra-sharp ceramic blade will hold its edge much longer than regular steel, go literally years without re-sharpening when you use these stain and rust proof knives! Impervious to food acids that eventually discolor steel products. Ceramic knives do not leave behind any metallic taste or smell, helping to maintain each food’s taste. Your Ceramic Knife is an environmental, friendly, chemically stable product, which is rust-free and non-corrosive. The non-stick surface is easier to clean than steel and will not tarnish or absorb food odors, they are easy to care for by rinsing in warm water, and they do not need to be fully dried when stored


Technical Info. Zirconia Ceramic (ZrO2) 1 Material Composition ZrO2>94.4, Y2O3 5.25, SiO2<0.015, Fe2O3<0.01, Na2O<0.01, Al2O3<0.25, Cl-<0.01, 2 Material Properties Specific density 5.95g/cm, Hardness (HV) >1100-1250, Bending strength 1150Mpa, Fracture toughness 7-10, Grain size <0.5um, Elastic modulus 205Gpa, Thermal conductivity 3w/m ● k, Thermal expansion Coefficient 20-400℃, —————– NB: The Black colored blades are the same basic material only subjected to a further 24 hours of high temperature & pressure to produce the permanent black color and a slight degree of additional hardness. (Upper end of scales)


Are Ceramic blades Fragile?

Not fragile as much as very different from steel – note that even steel when taken to extreme hardness levels will snap or break if you attempt to bend it. You see this more often with very hard drill bits that tend to break at tips when any side force is exerted. You can, most times drop a ceramic knife and as long as it does not fall right on the pointy end no damage is likely.
You cannot use a ceramic blade as a pry bar !, cutting into hard wood really does not cause a problem EXCEPT when you exert force on an angle (trying to bend that edge right – ! This might snap the blade but more likely will cause some small chips on the edge. Same thing with cutting through chicken bones – cut straight & you will likely succeed but that is not easy to do with these small blades.

Salt Water?

The ceramic blades really do not react with much in the way of chemicals, not reactive to vinegar or other food acids! BUT with the 400 series stainless steel handles you really do have to flush off salt water as even stainless steel is not totally corrosion resistant. And of course, salt or sand particles will tend to jam up the pivot. Close the knife & throw in dishwasher if it gets truly dirty.

Care and Feeding

The ceramic blades are very, very abrasion resistant which means they will retain their sharpness at least 10 times longer than steel blades and depending upon what you are cutting up to 40 times as long. BUT eventually you will have to touch up the edge. Read my Sharpening page for some suggestions.
The stainless steel bodies on these knives use a number of small “stainless steel” screws and nuts. Bouncing around in your pocket everyday can cause these to work a bit loose, especially the pivot pin. You can even hand tighten this using fingernails if it works lose. The Lanyard ring has also reported to come loose from time to time so check it every month or so.

Custom Designs

I get asked quite frequently if I can supply blades or custom designs. The blades have to have a special mould made and a minimum production run of around 2,000. Yes it is possible but just not economic. I already have quite a large inventory and will not be introducing any new models until the current inventory gets lower. Suggestions or recommendations are, however, very welcome. This is a small part time occupation for me so advice is useful.

Wholesale or Re-Sellers

Sure, I am open to offering special pricing on larger orders. Aside from a few specialty retailers I have provided larger orders to military and police organizations and oddly to wedding parties as gifts to the men. You can always contact me by e-mail with your requirements. However, keep in mind that I have priced my knives for internet sales and cannot offer huge discounts.

Shipping charges   * Under Review due to Postal Cost Increase

Yes there is a flat charge of $5.00 per order regardless of number of items ordered.  Shipping and handling for one knife actually costs me more than this.  But my shopping cart is easier to operate with a flat cost.  IF you want a large quantity of knives I can quote a special price BUT in that case courier charges will likely occur and they can get pretty high!!!  My normal shipping process is to send by First Class Airmail- light packet!