Cable Stripping Knife



I have had a number of requests over the past several years for a ceramic blade that could be used to remove insulation or plastic covers from electrical cables without having a sharp edge that could cut the workers.   Of course a completely safe blade is a bit of contradiction, cut plastic insulation but not skin ????   However, using a relatively thick ceramic blade with a cutting edge having a large angle (chisel edge) does provide quite a bit of safety in LIMITING the amount of penetration into any hand or other body part.   Of course a blunt point was also required.   I was asked to provide a tool that could cut insulation around a cable but also permit stripping that insulation lengthwise as well.   On top of the blade there is a small protruding edge of ceramic with a 45 degree chisel edge which can cut and strip lengthwise while still presenting an edge with limited ability to create any serious injury to a careless worker.